Custom Cabinet Services in Anaheim California

Shepard Custom Cabinets in Anaheim


Shepard Custom Cabinets in Anaheim

Custom Cabinet Services


We are located in Anaheim California, and we specialize in custom cabinets and bespoke furniture. Our years of experience is reflected in our products’ quality. We have a variety of finishes, colors, materials and styles for you to choose from in order to customize your cabinets exactly how you want them. We also offer design consultation services so we are able to help guide you through what would looks best in your remodeling project.

Custom Bathroom Cabinets

Your bathroom should be a place of elegance, utility, and comfort. For this reason, we offer custom bathroom cabinets that will fit in with the style of your bathroom while also storing all those necessary items.

We make sure to use just the right amount of space so you can have everything needed without feeling cluttered or out-of-place. Our cabinets are made for a variety of purposes which can really help you increase the amount of storage space you have. Custom bath cabinets are a great addition to your home that will increase the value of it in many ways.

Custom Bookcases

Custom bookcases provide an opportunity to express your individual style and create a custom look that will stand the test of time.

We offer dozens of options for shelving, molding and hardware so you have complete control over the design process. We also provide expert installation to make sure everything is in place when it’s delivered. Whether you want classic wood shelves or modern metal ones we can build the design that fits your style and home.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Custom kitchen cabinets can be built by hand in a shop or on-site. We offer both options to help you decide what will work best for your needs. If you’re looking to completely remodel the kitchen, we can do that too! We would recommend building custom cabinets with drawers and doors where possible so they fit perfectly within each space of the room. If you nee a more functional kitchen, we can build cabinets that are home to multiple drawers and cupboards.

We also offer design consultation services so that you can have someone help guide you through what would look best in your remodeling project. We’ll find the right materials for your space and then work with you step by step on how everything will come

Hardwood Countertops

Hardwood countertops are a great way to add warmth and beauty to your kitchen. They are often used for a more country or rustic look that can be achieved with hand-scraped wood, distressed paint finishes or natural stain colors. With a variety of hardwoods to choose from you are sure to find one that matches your taste.

Custom Media Centers/Custom Entertainment Centers

Custom entertainment centers offer a unique opportunity to create your own special space that is tailored specifically for you and what you want. We offer a wide variety of materials, colors, styles and finishes so there are plenty of options available to fit any budget or style preference.

We also specialize in custom media centers as well which allow you to combine the entertainment center with shelving units while maximizing your storage space.

Custom entertainment centers can be designed to fit your space and lifestyle in a way that maximizes the amount of storage you have. The unit is built with adjustable shelves so it’s able to store all your electronics, Blue-ray player or gaming system while still keeping them organized and easily accessible.




Shepard Custom Cabinets in Anaheim