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Shepard Custom Cabinets in Anaheim

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Shepard Custom Cabinets is proud to offer our customers quality bathroom vanities constructed with all-wood construction, soft close features, and dovetail drawers. All of these products are available in different door styles so you can find the one that suits your needs most.

Not long ago, the kitchen was the most used room in most households. However, times have changed and it is no longer the standard for a home’s centerpiece. Nowadays, bathrooms are focused on beauty and affording convenience to its owner.

At Shepard Custom Cabinets, we understand the evolving needs of homeowners. That’s why, when designing your dream bathroom from start to finish, you can choose custom furniture and exteriors designed specifically with your home in mind.

Common Types of Wood for Custom Bathroom Cabinetry

Wood is both a beautiful and durable material for custom cabinets, one of which are bathroom vanities. Though it doesn’t hold up well to excessive moisture on its own, stains and sealers make it much more durable against potential damage from water, steam, and heat. Popular types of wood for constructing bathroom vanity cabinets include:

Various hardwood species, including red oak, white oak, and hickory.

Wood species are greatly favored for their strengths and longevity. Of course, you’re not limited to these types either. Mahogany, teak, birch, poplar, and other wood can be used as well- as long as they’re finished correctly and maintained properly.

Add Style and Functionality to Your Bathroom with Custom Cabinets

At Shepard Custom Cabinets, we have experience designing and installing custom cabinets. We utilize only the finest materials in all of our projects, which are completed with an incomparable level of craftsmanship. Our team is here to help you decide which type of cabinet would best suit your needs and personality.

Building a Bathroom Vanity

The most common misconception of bathroom vanities is that it’s one single cabinet. In most cases, two sinks are being installed so it’s actually a combination of cabinets. There could be different reasons for this depending on the plumbing and storage needs in your project but generally these are used to fill the width of the space needed.


It is important to note the difference between a standard bathroom vanity cabinet and a tall bathroom vanity cabinet. A standard height would be about 31 inches while the tallest is 34.5 inches. Taller vanities are typically used in main bathrooms or master baths where adults will be using them. Standard height is for regular kids’ bathrooms and vessel sinks.

Essential Considerations for Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom vanity cabinetry is a must-have when upgrading and building new homes. Take into account the bathroom’s location, how much space it has, as well as its design to determine the type of wood you need for your cabinets and what design style would work best.

Consider your bathroom storage needs. Custom vanities will have extra storage to make them more functional than standard cabinets, so keep that in mind when trying to decide what style is best for you.

Custom bathroom cabinets are separate from the sink, and offer a variety of features. You’ll find hidden shelving, drawers, dowels, and other space-saving elements that set them apart. Plus, if your bathroom has limited square footage recessed shelving would add extra storage space.

Shepard Custom Cabinets in Anaheim