Garage Cabinets – Anaheim, California

Shepard Custom Cabinets in Anaheim


Shepard Custom Cabinets in Anaheim

Garage Cabinets – Anaheim, California

You have an entire garage full of tools, sports equipment and seasonal items that are taking up room in your house. Setting up new cabinets is the first step towards getting arranged! Cabinets can be set up on any wall or ceiling, providing you more storage than a typical garage rack system. Our custom cabinet systems permit infinite organization possibilities to keep all of your belongings safe and safe.

With our adjustable choices, we can develop a set-up that works best for you! We also offer mobile services to help store power tools and other bulky items away from living spaces. Our cabinets systems are developed with quality products including steel framing, resilient laminate finishes and accuracy hardware components like soft close hinges. Call Shepard Custom Cabinets today to begin getting organized, and get a totally free quote. We service the Anaheim, California area, so give us a call today!

Just how much Does it Cost to Install a Garage Cabinet?

The cost will differ due to the fact that we just do custom cabinets for garage. This will depend on the dimensions and specific functions of the cabinet to be set up, along with the type and quality of material that it is made out of. Give us a call today, and once we have a basic understanding of the scope of your project, we can provide you a preliminary estimate. Getting a custom garage cabinets system means we can build storage options that which accommodate your tools, work flow needs, and the measurements of your garage.

How Long Does it take to Install Storage Cabinets for Garage?

Depending on the size of the project, we can generally get a brand-new cabinet job done within a couple of weeks. We’ll work really diligently to make sure it does not take go past the estimated projection date – and we pride ourselves on getting jobs finished rapidly! We’ll also ensure to provide you an estimate. In this manner, you can make an informed choice about whether cabinets are an excellent fit for your home.

How do I optimize my garage area?

Decluttering your garage with a strong declutter strategy is the primary step to making the most of space. Get rid of whatever you do not need from old clothes and shoes to old cardboard boxes that aren’t in use. When you eliminate all the clutter, you’ll be stunned how much easier it is to find room for all the things you LOVE.

Wherever possible, keep items stored on their end instead of vertically so they use less horizontal space and more vertical; likewise, utilize stacking drawers or cages and categorize as much as possible to reduce search time. As an overarching general rule – if it doesn’t serve multiple purposes then eliminate it! If you need some help with your garage cabinets in Anaheim, California, give us a call today!

Wall Mounted Garage Cabinets

The major benefit of wall installed cabinets is that they do not use up space. You can possibly install a lot more cabinets and still have storage left over for hanging products like clothes or surfboards. Without the depth of other types of cabinets, you could install them right to a one-by-four stud runner on any concrete or brick wall with a lag bolt (or two) that do not need cutting through sheet metal near seams or threaded inserts on the behind of each door.

Wood Garage Cabinets

Wood garage cabinets offer numerous benefits to homeowners. Whether you’re touching up an older home or going for something new, wood garage cabinets are a great idea for your remodeling job. Wood garage cabinets can be customized built by our skilled team of designers, making sure that the right combination of features will complement both your personal style and the appearance of your house’s interior design. With a lot of offerings to choose from – metal handles or knobs, box or euro styling- we have lots of alternatives to satisfy all your requirements! Get wood garage cabinets installed at your home or office in Anaheim, California.

Various Types of Wood for your Garage Storage Cabinets

Some of the more typical cabinet woods are oak, maple, beech, cherry and walnut. Other woods such as pine and ash can be utilized to make cabinets too; generally for less expensive household products like built-in shelving systems. Cabinet doors and drawer faces also develop patterns in style depending upon the grain of wood.

Wood panels are typically darker than the natural surface they were treated with due to this natural process. For example: if a panel was bamboo finished, it will look lighter than an incomplete panel probably since it’s been stained or painted which offers off a slightly different tone than bare wood (like cherry). So give us ac all and we can review some samples to get the garage storage cabinet of your dreams.

Customized cabinets can be overwhelming at times specifically if you are a beginner, but our style experts are here to help! We’ll sit down with you and discuss your requirements. Next we’ll review samples of wood garage cabinets that complement the theme of your house or office so that they match in both design and function. If you have any concerns about designs, material options our team of experts are ready and waiting to partner with you. Give us a call today or submit our web form and we’ll assist you choose the best wood and style that both your needs and design choices!

Cool Facts about Anaheim, California

Some cool facts about Anaheim, California are that it’s one of the most populous city in Orange County. Moreover, they have a population of 208,379 people and an average elevation is 2 feet. The city offers a historic downtown district with many restaurants and attractions. One thing visitors tend to enjoy is sitting on Main Street outside the Christmas bookstore with all of Santa’s elves surrounding you. One other thing you may enjoy doing there is visiting their theme parks like Disney Land and Universal Studios Hollywood which brings in millions of tourists every year from all over the world! As for when Anaheim was founded, it was during 1850 when James Irvine decided to make this location his home! A final interesting fact about this place would be that Disneyland.
There are a wide variety of interesting facts about Anaheim, California. For instance, if you’re able to visit the headquarters for Disney, they have an outdoor area where you can take pictures with life-size models of different Disney characters. If you decide to take a detour through Ontario and stop by High Tech Driveway Systems, make sure to check out the 2nd largest clock in America.
Anaheim is home to 6 professional sports teams, so there’s never a shortage of exciting games being played around town. And even though Los Angeles is just minutes away from Anaheim and Orange County makes up Southern California’s “OC” region; it still feels like a city all its own with plenty of restaurants and shopping.

Shepard Custom Cabinets in Anaheim