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Shepard Custom Cabinets in Anaheim

Custom Cabinets

Trying to find custom-made cabinets? Whether you are seeking to update your kitchen, restroom, or any other room in your home, customized cabinets can be the ideal service. Our customized cabinet service lies in Fullerton and we provide a range of custom-made kitchen cabinetry alternatives so that you get precisely what you desire!

Whether it be customized kitchen cabinets or custom bath cabinets, our group can assist make your dream come true with high quality products at affordable prices. We pride ourselves on offering 100% customer fulfillment with every job completed.

Building cabinets is a complicated job and most property owners don’t have the time or skills to do it right. The majority of cooking area renovating business desire you to purchase their cabinets, which are frequently inexpensively made and delivered from overseas. These inexpensive cabinets will not hold up gradually and can cost you more in the long run.

Here at Shepard Custom Cabinets we supply high-quality custom-made cabinets that will last for many years. Our team of professional artisans utilize only high-grade materials, including hardwood plywood with solid wood face frames, hinges, drawer boxes and cabinet backs. All our items are 100% personalized so we can construct any design your heart desires!

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Cooking areas are one of the most important spaces in your home. They’re used for whatever from cooking and consuming to entertaining guests, but they’re likewise one of the hardest areas to style.

There are a lot of various things that go into designing a kitchen area that it can be hard to understand where to start. You might want customized cabinets, however you don’t understand just how much space you have or what sort of counter tops will work best with your sink placement. Or possibly you’re just uncertain if now is the right time for redesigning at all.

We’ve developed hundreds of cooking areas here at Shepard Custom Cabinets over our history and we ‘d like to help make yours best! Our group has helped countless homeowners design their dream kitchen areas by offering skilled advice on every element including cabinets, countertops, tile backsplashes and more! Whether your job is small or big we would enjoy an opportunity to reveal you why.

Custom-made Bath Cabinets

You may be searching for a way to upgrade the appearance and performance of your bathroom. Your current bathroom cabinets are getting old, out-of-date, or just plain unsightly. You may have already attempted to clean up the cabinets by yourself, however it didn’t work out too well since they were built with low-quality products and cheap workmanship in mind.

At Shepard Custom Cabinets we comprehend how essential it is for our customers to get high quality items that will last a long period of time without breaking down on them. That’s why we just utilize hardwood from sustainable forests in our customized vanities and cabinets construction procedure – no particle board here! We likewise take notice of information when building our custom vanities & cabinets, to make certain that your cabinets are exactly as you thought of.

Custom-made Entertainment Centers

A lot of entertainment centers are unsightly and large. It’s challenging to create a space that feels comfy while likewise making room for the television and all its electronic parts.

 Our team of designers can help you produce a customized entertainment center that is both functional and gorgeous. We offer affordable, quality products at competitive rates so you can have the very best possible experience in your new media room or living area.

 Let us take care of the details for you if you want to turn your living space into a sanctuary! Our team will work with you to make sure that each aspect of your project comes together perfectly. From televisions to lighting fixtures, we do it all!

Custom Bookcases

Bookcases are a fundamental part of any home, but they’re not constantly easy to find. You can buy them from huge box shops and outlet store, but the options there tend to be restricted.

 If you desire a bookcase that is custom built for your area and totally customizable in terms of size, color, shape, etc., it’s going to cost more than if you simply chose something off-the-shelf at the store.

 Shepard Custom Cabinets uses high quality custom-made bookcases at affordable costs by working carefully with their customers every step of the way. In addition to conserving money on pricey products like wood or metal book cases made from solid oak or steel, customers also conserve time by preventing journeys back and forth in between house improvement shops attempting to discover precisely what they need for their space.

 How are customized cabinets painted?

 The final step in painting customized cabinets is picking a color and using it as you would for any other cabinet surface. Painted cabinets remain in! They can be colored using the exact same method as painting furnishings, by sanding down the surface and using a coat of primer before painting with acrylic.

 Painting cabinets not just provides an updated look, but alters the entire feel of a space with color. When choosing your colors you ought to consider what kind of light and furniture will be utilized usually in the space. Remember too that paint communicates with wood in a different way than discolorations do, so plan appropriately if you need to seal afterwards.

 Normally the procedure starts with the initial step is to sand the furniture down so that it is devoid of any discolorations or flaws. Frequently this is made with medium grit sandpaper, steel wool, and even a painter’s pad with 200 grit paper clamped on top of it. Next, you need to clean the surface down with water which will remove all dust and residue from the surface area of the furnishings.

 When the piece is sanded and dust-free, it’s time to prime. Guide offers paint a smoother surface without adding much weight or thickness to your project. We typically use spray guide because of its clean finish and thin coat; nevertheless, brush priming would work just as well if you choose that technique instead! Before we begin spraying our brand-new job with gray undertones for dark colors on top or white overtones for light tones below (or vice versa), there are 2 more actions: taping off any locations where light might bleed through from beneath while painting– like windowsills– and securing neighboring surfaces such as furnishings by covering them in painters’ cloths prior to applying an even layer of primer onto the wood pieces themselves!

 After the priming is total all that is needed now is the paint of your option, and a layer of sealant to secure your cabinets, and include durability to the quality.

 Are customized cabinets worth the money?

 Custom-made cabinets permit you to get precisely what you want for your kitchen area remodel. Getting a custom cabinets supplies a seemingly limitless series of choices, including wood types and finish, dimension and size along with space-saving ideas that will mix effortlessly with the furniture designs in your house. Custom cabinets deserve it if you desire the finest quality, longest durability, and full personalization.

 Hiring a professional to tailor them for you will cost more money and time. Nevertheless, customized cabinets have long-lasting advantages in contrast to pre-fabricated ones, due to the fact that they come with additional basic functions (over larger surface area) that suggest less purchases down the line – which implies less expense and aggravation for you. Finally, I think it’s essential to remember the value of a space’s aesthetic over function. Nobody wants an ugly kitchen! If adding those beautiful doors or cabinet pieces will make your location appearance valued again, then yes, go for it!

 The History of Fullerton California

Fullerton California is a part of Orange County in the United States. It was designated as a census-designated place then incorporated on April 28, 1957 and the mayor that year was Mark Mays. Fullerton enjoys an expansive skyline and close proximity to many other metropolitans throughout Southern California. Some of the parks within Fullerton are Azusa Canyon Nature Reserve, McCoy Woods Park, Foothill Ranch Community Park, Extracurricular Activities Center (ECA) Sports Complex and Kelly Memorial Park sports fields. The city motto is “Wisdom As You Grow.”


Shepard Custom Cabinets in Anaheim