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Shepard Custom Cabinets in Anaheim


Shepard Custom Cabinets in Anaheim

Garage Cabinets – Santa Ana, California

All of us understand how hard it is to find the time to get everything done. The fact that we’re continuously trying to find our stuff or rummaging through drawers and boxes can be a major productivity killer. This makes us less effective, which means we do not have sufficient time to complete our work. It’s annoying! Set up garage cabinets from Shepard Custom Cabinets today! Our modular storage systems are created with your hectic life in mind – they can be custom made and installed rapidly, so you’ll spend more time doing what matters most and less time searching for lost products. We service the Santa Ana, California area, so give us a call today!

How Much Does it Cost to Install a Garage Cabinet?

The cost will vary due to the fact that we just do custom cabinets for garage. This will depend upon the space and also on what material you choose to build it with, so submit a web form for a totally free assessment and let us work out some numbers with you! Customized garage cabinets are not an “off-the-shelf” item that has one rate. Custom jobs are done based upon your needs and objectives, which can differ greatly depending on the tools you want to keep in your garage.

How Long Does it take to Install Storage Cabinets for Garage?

This is difficult to answer with a fixed time frame. Lots of aspects can impact the setup time, including the size of the project, steps involved in finishing it, and the number of cabinets being installed. Reach out for a more accurate quote. Our garage cabinet setup experts will come out to your house and supply you with a price quote for free based on your requirements and measurements of your garage space. Once we have actually supplied you with a estimate, you will have the ability to decide if our services are right for you and after that schedule an appointment that suits your hectic schedule!

How do I optimize my garage area?

Decluttering your garage with a strong declutter strategy is the initial step to maximizing area. Eliminate whatever you do not need from old clothing and shoes to old cardboard boxes that aren’t in use. When you get rid of all the clutter, you’ll be surprised how much easier it is to discover room for all the things you LOVE.

Wherever possible, keep products stored on their end rather than vertically so they utilize less horizontal space and more vertical; also, use stacking dog crates or drawers and categorize as much as possible to reduce search time. As an overarching guideline – if it doesn’t serve several purposes then get rid of it! If you need some help with your garage cabinets in Santa Ana, California, give us a call today!

Wall Mounted Garage Cabinets

Wall mounted cabinets are a great method to optimize vertical space. If you’ve got a small garage and there is either no floor space left or it’s gridlocked with things like an old bike, a ton of tools, mower, snow shovels, snow brushes and other scrap that’s taken up residence on your floor or spread around the perimeter this could be just the answer. Invest time clearing out your garage floor, installed some shelving for any easy-to-reach products (by utilizing that wall) then install you cabinet as high as possible so your items don’t take over the inside of your house too.

Wood Garage Cabinets

Wood garage cabinets provide lots of benefits to homeowners. Whether you’re touching up an older home or going for something brand-new, wood garage cabinets are a great addition for your renovation task. Wood garage cabinets can be custom-made developed by our skilled group of designers, guaranteeing that the right mix of features will match both your individual style and the appearance of your house’s interior decoration. With a lot of offerings to select from – metal handles or knobs, box or euro styling- we have lots of options to meet all your needs! Get wood garage cabinets installed at your home or office in Santa Ana, California.

Different Types of Wood for your Garage Storage Cabinets

Some of the more common cabinet woods are oak, maple, cherry, beach and walnut. Other woods such as pine and ash can be used to make cabinets also; generally for more affordable home products like integrated shelving units. Cabinet doors and drawer faces also create patterns in style depending on the grain of wood.

Wood panels are usually darker than the natural surface they were treated with due to this natural process. For example: if a panel was bamboo finished, it will look lighter than an incomplete panel probably since it’s been stained or painted which produces a somewhat various tone than bare wood (like cherry). So give us a call and we can show you some samples to get the garage storage cabinet of your dreams.

Customized cabinets can be overwhelming sometimes particularly if you are a beginner, however our design experts are here to assist! We’ll take a seat with you and discuss your requirements. Next we’ll evaluate samples of wood garage cabinets that go along with the style of your home or company so that they match in both style and function. If you have any questions about styles, material choices our group of professionals are ready and waiting to partner with you. Give us a call today or submit our web form and we’ll assist you select the best wood and design that both your needs and design preferences!

Awesome Facts About Santa Ana

Santa Ana is a city in Orange County, California. It is the most populous city in Central California with a population of 337,683. The geographical area of Santa Ana spans 34 square miles (88 km2) and an elevation ranging from 333 ft at the San Diego Freeway to 860 ft on its easternmost hilltop – a greater than 100-foot drop within this only 14 mile long by 5 mile wide stretch of land. Santa Ana was conceived as “a great place to grow oranges.” In 1958, it became even more so when Texaco offered successful oil exploration drilling wells nearby and Universal Studios Hollywood needed space to expand – so much space that they acquired about 1/2 million acres (200 sq km).

Located in Northeast Orange County, California, Santa Ana is known for its restaurants, biking paths, and as a home base for the county’s Vietnamese-American populations. Originally called “Tustin,” Santa Ana started out as a stopover on the drive between Los Angeles and San Francisco. The city was renamed to avoid confusion with Tustin some years later.
In 1950s as Santa Ana became more populated immigrants of many ethnicities settled here and found work in nearby technology companies or Southern California firms operating out of West Ward Manufacturing Complex. As the economy boomed so did the population and by 1990 there were an estimated 100 different ethnic groups living together here.

Shepard Custom Cabinets in Anaheim